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Crassula ovata Sunset - Jade Plant

Crassula ovata Sunset - Jade Plant

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 This South African succulent doesn't need much attention at all! Easy to care for in all aspects of plant care. It branches naturally, so it doesn't need much pruning. The sunset variety features bright red/pink on its tips that blend into yellow and then green - a beautiful sight to see! More sunlight means more vibrant coloring!

Slow-growing, Jade only needs repotted when it outgrows its container, probably every 2-3 years. Also, be sure to use a container with a drainage hole to keep the soil from getting soggy.

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata 'Sunset'

LIGHT: Bright light with some direct sun.

WATER: Allow soil to dry out slightly between waterings, but don't allow the soil to get completely dry. Dropped leaves or brown spots on leaves are signs that the plant needs more water.

TOXICITY: Mildly toxic to pets if ingested. Plant contains compounds that may cause gastrointestinal discomfort in dogs, cats, and other pets. Best to keep out of reach from curious pets.

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