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Maranta leuc. erythroneura - Red Prayer Plant

Maranta leuc. erythroneura - Red Prayer Plant

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 Maranta leuconeura erythroneura, or Red Prayer Plant, is a popular choice for plant enthusiasts seeking a unique and eye-catching addition to their indoor spaces. This plant is characterized by its striking leaves with bold patterns of green, red, and sometimes pink veins, creating a stunning contrast against a dark green background. The foliage showcases intricate detailing, resembling a work of art.

One of the fascinating features of the Red Prayer Plant is its ability to move its leaves. The leaves fold up in the evening, as if in prayer, and unfold again in the morning, adding a dynamic element to this already captivating plant. This natural movement, combined with its vibrant colors, makes it a captivating plant to observe and enjoy.

Botanical Name: Maranta leuc. erythroneura 'Red Prayer Plant'

LIGHT: Prayer plants grow best with bright, indirect light from an east- or north-facing window. It also grows well under fluorescent light. Keep plant out of direct sun; strong sunlight will cause the leaves to fade.

WATER: Keep soil evenly moist spring through summer, slightly drier in winter.

TOXICITY: Non-toxic to pets

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