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Cordatum Variegated - Heart Leaf Philodendron Brasil

Cordatum Variegated - Heart Leaf Philodendron Brasil

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The Cordatum Variegated, also known as the Heart Leaf Philodendron Brasil. This is a delightful plant that features heart-shaped leaves with captivating variegation, displaying vibrant green foliage adorned with splashes and streaks of creamy yellow or lime green. 

With its easy-care nature, the Cordatum Variegated is an ideal choice for plant enthusiasts of all levels. Bring a touch of greenery and positive vibes to your space with the Cordatum Variegated, as it enhances air quality and adds refreshing energy to your home or garden.

Botanical Name: Cordatum variegated 'Heart Leaf Philodendron Brasil'

LIGHT: Thrives in bright, indirect light but can also adapt to lower light conditions, making it versatile for various environments. Pair with a well-draining soil.

WATER: Regular watering is best, but the plant can tolerate lapses in watering.

TOXICITY: Toxic to pets. This plant contains calcium oxolate crystals, which can cause oral irritation, drooling, excessive swallowing, and gastrointestinal upset in cats, dogs, and other pets. Best to keep out of reach of curious pets.

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