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Cascade Tropicals Plants Alocasia Amazonica Polly (Elephant Ear)
Cascade Tropicals Plants Alocasia Amazonica Polly (Elephant Ear)
Cascade Tropicals Plants 6" Alocasia Amazonica Polly (Elephant Ear)

Alocasia Amazonica Polly (African Mask)

Alocasia Amazonica Polly (African Mask)

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Alocasia Amazonica Polly, also known as African Mask, are striking and visual captivating indoor plants. This variety of Alocasia features large, arrowhead-shaped leaves with prominent veins and a glossy, deep green color. The Polly cultivar is known for its compact size in comparison to other Alocasia species, making it a popular choice for smaller spaces. 

The leaves of the Polly have a unique texture, almost resembling the scales of a snake, which adds to the plant's overall allure. They are known for their dramatic and tropical appearance, bringing a touch of. elegance and exotic vibes to any interior space. 

Alocasia plants are considered toxic to pets*

Botanical Name: Alocasia x amazonica polly 'African Mask'

LIGHT: Does best in bright, indirect light. Shield this plant from strong direct light in the summer as the leaves will burn. Use blinds or window coverings as an ideal way to ensure plant receives bright light but does not burn.

WATER: Water thoroughly once a week until the water runs out of the pot. Alocasias enjoy moist soil but cannot tolerate heavy compacted wet soil. If the soil is compacted the bottom of the soil can remain wet which encourages root rot and fungus gnats.

TOXICITY: Toxic to pets when ingested.

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