NEW Brand Alert - El Arroyo

Jun 2, 2021by Brianna Kangas

Chess Matchbook - $8.00

Ever felt like this...? Us too!  That's why we love our new brand El Arroyo.

El Arroyo began as a small corner street restaurant serving Tex-Mex food, margaritas, and hilarious one-liners on their marquee board. Over the years, El Arroyo's famous board has hosted their fair share of witty quotes, puns, jokes, and commentary about the times. Now you can find their crowd favorites and all-too-relatable remarks on everything from greeting cards and magnets, to candles, air fresheners, and mugs! Here are a few of our favorites:

Guac Is Extra Cocktail Napkins (Pack of 20) - $6.00

Commas are Important Sticker - $4.00

Silence is Golden Card - $5.50


 Parallel Parking Car Air Freshener (2 pack) - $10.00

 Beautiful & Fast Coffee Mug - $16.00

Fluent In Silence Coffee Mug - $16.00


Whether you're in need of a good chuckle with your morning coffee, on your commute to work, or a friend is in need of a witty pick-me-up, El Arroyo has got just the thing!  Shop more of their hilarious quips here!