Welcome to Paper Luxe, Nora Fleming

by Carli Ricker

Whimsical. Charming. The-cutest-table-decor-you’ve-ever-seen. If we had to describe Nora Fleming minis in a word (or string of) it would be these. Now available at Paper Luxe Gig Harbor and online, these delightful charms are quickly becoming a favorite of both staff and customers. 

Started in 2004, Nora Fleming stumbled upon the idea for minis in her pottery shop outside of Chicago. The idea came when Fleming decided to embrace the power of simplicity by designing clean, neutral serving ware that could be decorated with interchangeable mini charms depending on the season, holiday, or occasion. In 2006, Fleming partnered with her brother, Jon, and together they have continued to grow the Nora Fleming brand. 

It’s not just the minis that make excellent table decor though. All minis can be paired with any Nora Fleming serving ware like the Maple Tasting Board and Square Platter. To help each mini shine, Fleming kept her serving ware simple though each dish could certainly stand alone as its own beautiful addition to a table spread.

Of course though, the stars of the Nora Fleming line are the minis. Since minis are designed for any and all of life’s moments, there’s one for practically every occasion. The Touchdown Mini is a guaranteed winner to help decorate the snack platter of any Super Bowl party. If you’re celebrating a birthday, add the Best Birthday Ever! or Stack of Presents mini to the Petite Pedestal for an extra special touch. From Bluebirds to Santa Boots, Nora Fleming minis are here to help you make the most of every moment, big or small, that calls for celebration. 



Check out our Nora Fleming display in Gig Harbor and see how adorable these charms are for yourself!

Flower Power Mini - $14.50


24 Carrots Mini - $14.50

Center: Over the Rainbow Mini on the Petite Pedestal