Thinking of You Week 2023

Sep 17, 2023by Kate Elling

There is something magical about opening your mailbox and seeing a handwritten envelope with your name on it. I will open that envelope before looking at anything else because it’s physical proof that someone was thinking about me. Plus, the card can sit on my desk to remind me that I am loved, and can be read again and again.

Even though technology has made us more connected than ever, some people still express high levels of loneliness. Scientific studies show that receiving a handwritten greeting card has a bigger emotional impact than a text or email. Did you know that writing with pen/pencil allows our brains to process better and can boost our happiness, gratitude, creativity and empathy? And all we need to accomplish this is a card, a writing instrument, a stamp and someone to write to.

While we can send cards at any time during the year, the Greeting Card Association created an international weeklong celebration in September called “Thinking of You Week.” And the U.S. Postal Service joined them by adding a “Thinking of You” postmark on first-class mail during the month of September. And this year, they released a set of stamps called “Thinking of You” featuring the artwork of Ellen Surrey. There are five different stamp designs that are perfect for sending your “Thinking of You Week” cards!

thinking of you week stamps
So treat yourself to writing a letter to a friend, or to someone who has made an impact on you, or to a child, co-worker, a senior neighbor, just someone you’ve been thinking of. Let’s send a huge wave of feel-good mail all across the country, just because. Fun mail is such a great surprise and, like magic, always brings a smile.


thinking of you week card sale

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