Easter Basket Essentials

by Carli Ricker

Let's clear one thing up: You’re never too old to get an Easter basket! There’s something about waking up to a basket of sweets and goodies that releases the inner child in everyone. To help the Easter Bunny out this year, our staff has compiled a list of what we consider must-have basket fillers for every age. 

For the Kids

Maddie White Bunny Softie 

No child's basket would be truly complete without a plush bunny. While we’ve got bunnies galore (as does our sister shop, The Curious Bear), the Maddie Bunny remains a favorite. With its soft white fur and button pink nose, this bunny has become the go-to for Easter baskets.

Big Wheel Pinwheels 

Whimsical and oh-so entertaining, pinwheels have stood the test of time as a toy to be enjoyed by all. These extra large pinwheels come decorated in bright colors and bold patterns to give each spin an extra air of flair. 



If you’re looking to incorporate a book into your basket, we suggest the classic picture book, Marshmallow. The story follows the unlikely friendship between a bunny and cat with gorgeous illustrations that earned author and illustrator Clare Turlay Newberry a Caldecott Honor. 

For the Teens


Incoming nostalgia alert: scrunchies are back in. These throwback hair ties are making a comeback as a staple for any fashion-obsessed teen. Our favorite scrunchies come from none other than Rifle Paper Co. The brand’s signature floral prints easily elevate any outfit for a more polished look. All hair accessories (like the super in hair claws) can be found here


Citrus Crush Rollerball

With growing up comes the feeling of wanting to act older and there’s something so distinctly “grown up” about wearing perfume. This is where the fruity scents of the rollerball perfumes from Illume are the perfect way to give your teen a more mature gift while still keeping things light. Plus, its small size makes it easy to slip into a backpack, gym bag, or purse.


Samantha Embroidered Hardcover Layflat Journal

While a journal may feel like a generic gift, there’s a reason it’s so popular: it’s insanely useful! Whether your teen wants to use it to take notes at school or write in at home, a journal is always both a practical and personal gift. It helps too when the journal has a fun or cute design. If you want to go above and beyond, snag the matching pencil pouch


Vinyl Stickers

Used to decorate everything from laptop and phone cases to water bottles and notebooks, stickers are one of the most prominent ways for teens to express themselves and their interests. Luckily, we’ve got stickers for just about everything from The Office to plants to mantras. You might even want to grab a few for yourself. 

For College Students

Charlie Crystal - Blue Light Reading Glasses

To know a college student is to know someone spending way too much time looking at a screen. Between classes, homework, Zoom calls, and, let’s be real, binging some Netflix, college students spend a majority of their day looking at a computer, which can strain the eyes. Blue light glasses are specially designed to filter out the harsh, blue light of screens and give your eyes some needed rest. Other frames can be viewed here


Dunder Mifflin Motel Key Fob

Gift the college student in your life keys to The Office’s Dunder Mifflin or Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls. These playful motel inspired key fobs are an easy way to give something fun and a little more personal. 


Shine Mini Diffuser

For as long as there have been dorms, candles have been banned from them. Here’s a little loophole though: diffusers. No fire or electricity needed with this diffuser that despite its small size will fill a room with a sweet citrus scent. Totally RA approved. 

And if you need an Easter basket for yourself, you know where to go! 😉 Shop all Easter basket fillers here!