New Year's Resolution Essentials

Dec 22, 2022by Carli Ricker

With the new year comes the time honored tradition of creating New Year's resolutions. To help you reach your goals, we've rounded up our must-have's for several of the most popular resolutions. Bring it on, 2023!  

"If your New Year's resolution is..." 

" aim for a more healthy lifestyle." 

Aiming for a healthy lifestyle doesn't automatically mean you have to start hitting the gym at 4am and kiss all forms of sugar goodbye. One of the first steps to a healthier lifestyle is finding what eating and exercise practices work best for you. To get you started, we recommend... 

The Gut-Loving Cookbook

The Gut-Loving Cookbook

Cards with different yoga poses on them.

100 Yoga Poses Cards

A meal planner notepad with blue flowers at the top.
A periwinkle 20oz sports canteen.

" get and stay organized!"

Whether you're balancing an entire family's worth of schedules or wanting to keep your work space a little tidier, getting and staying organized is a great goal to set. While each person's organizing system will vary, here's some of our favorite starter pieces...
A gray 2023 planner with a gold spiral binding.
Three different file folders all in shades and patterns of blue and cream.
A small notepad designed to take notes of phone messages. The notepad is cream with gold lettering.
A handful of Le Pen markers lined up in a row in different colors.

" take better care of my mental health." 

 While taking care of ourselves physically is certainly important, so is taking care of our mental health. For some this might look like getting more in touch with their emotions while others may need to practice giving themselves grace. No matter your goal, there are plenty of resources to get you started, including...
Choose Grace: A Journal for Not Being So Hard on Yourself (and Others, Too!)
Daily Mood Self Care Tracker Notepad
Whole Beauty: Meditation & Mindfulness

" do my part to keep our planet green!"

The goal to "go green" can sound daunting at first but even small, everyday wins like remembering your reusable grocery bag can make a difference. To help in your quest to be more green, we suggest...
A black tote bag with silver straps.
A hand holds a single black bamboo cotton rounds against a neutral background.
Beeswax food wrap with flowers and bee's printed on it.