NEW Brand Alert - Ash + Chess

by Brianna Kangas

Ashley Molesso (she/her) and Chess Needham (he/him) are the powerhouses behind the stationary company Ash + Chess - a brand new line to the shop! 

These queer co-founders/couple started Ash + Chess back in May 2017 using their brand to advocate for the rights of the LGBTQI+ community, women, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and many more, all whilst spreading love and awareness through their eye-catching colors and retro prints.  Their beautiful and bright designs can be found on everything from greeting cards and stickers, to t-shirts and books. 

Though Chess states that he's better at coming up with the text for the cards, both he and Ash work at creating the concepts and designs behind each card and print. On the back of each, it states who was the designer behind that particular card. Check out a few of our faves below we have in the shop at the moment!

Rainbow Cactus Art Print - $20.00 

(Also comes in a card!)

Love You in a Gay Way Card - $5.00

Celebrate pride and spread the love with this adorable card!


Trans Flag I Love You For You Card - $5.00

This card speaks for itself - let someone you know who recently came out, or is beginning their transition know that you love them for exactly who they are.

Good Things Are Coming Card - $5.00

A super fun and vibrant reminder that good things are on their way!

Glad You Came Out Card - $5.00

Coming out is not always easy - this card celebrates and supports those who recently came out in your life. 

Ask Me About My Pronouns Sticker - $3.95

A great way to let others know you're interested in sharing a conversation about pronouns!

Every Body is a Good Body - $3.95

Preach! A good reminder that all bodies deserve to be celebrated!

Safe Space Sticker - $3.95

Let those around you know that creating a space that is inclusive, accountable, and loving is important!

Love Yourself First Sticker - $3.95

Can't forget about the importance of self-love with this holographic sticker!

We are so excited to be carrying some of these dynamic duo's gorgeous designs and that we can be apart of spreading the love. These are just a couple of our favorites, but for more cards, stickers, and prints by the amazing Ash + Chess click here!


(Photo from IG @ashandchess)