Father's Day Gift Guide 2021

Jun 4, 2021by Brianna Kangas

Father's Day is just around the corner, so we've compiled the ultimate gift guide to help you find the perfect something for your dad, grandpa, husband, or other father figure in your life!  From humorous to thoughtful gifts and everything in between we're sure you'll find something special to celebrate your guy.  

For the Sock Fanatic:

3. Men's Golf Socks - $12.00


For the Sports Fan:

4. The Long Ball Wallet - $200.00
5. The Ball-Hawk Bifold - $150.00
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For the Outdoors Man:

1. Look Big Book - $14.99 
 Includes: Glass Hammer w/ safety switch, Seatbelt Cutter, Double Hexagon Wrench, Phillips Screwdriver, Scissors, Can & Bottle Opener, Knife, Red Flashing Emergency Light, Telescopic Lens w/ 5 Focus Adjustments. Max Output 2000 Lumens. Takes 3 AAA Batteries (not included).


For the Bookworm:

1. A Promised Land - $45.00
For the Adult Beverage Aficionado:


1. Laser Cut Wood Washington Coasters (Set of 4) - $24.00



3. Old Man Drinks - $14.95



For the Handy Man:

1. 6 in 1 Tool Pen - $4.95
Tools include: Phillips Screwdriver, Flathead Screwdriver, Stylus, Inch & Metric Rulers, Level, Ballpoint Pen.
A 7+ function utility comb that fits in your wallet. Also comes with hex wrenches (larger sizes than PocketMonkey® multi-tool), a screwdriver, a bottle opener, even a chip clip!
3. 4 in 1 Utility Pen - $4.95
Tools include: ruler, knife blade, ballpoint pen, and collapsible scissors
WildCard, the hyper thin pocket knife - comes with:
- Replaceable blade
- Screwdrivers
- Pry-bar
- Bottle opener
- Fits in your wallet
- Heat-treated 420 stainless steel
- TSA compliant (without blade)
- Made in USA 
5. Builder Tool Pens - $4.95


For the Pop-Culture Papa:

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1. Pop Culture Stickers - $4.95
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For the Jokester: 

2. Dad Off Duty Mug - $17.95

For the Sweet Tooth:


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