Celebrate Every Occasion with Nora Fleming at Paper Luxe!

Nov 7, 2023by Jennifer Luna

We're here with a little sunshine for your tabletops – it's all about Nora Fleming and how these charming pieces can transform your gatherings from simple to simply unforgettable.

If you haven’t met Nora Fleming yet, oh, are you in for a treat! Imagine having one platter or piece that could cover every event from a summer BBQ to your little one’s birthday bash. Sounds like a magic trick, right? Well, Nora Fleming is the magician we've been waiting for. 😊

What’s the Magic About?

It's all in the minis – those adorable little interchangeable pieces that you can pop into your Nora Fleming platters and serving dishes. They're not just cute; they're the definition of versatility. Got a Halloween party? There's a mini for that. Christmas dinner? There's a mini for that too. And every occasion in between!

A Personal Touch to Your Celebrations

Here at Paper Luxe, we're all about celebrating those special moments with family and friends. Nora Fleming's pieces are a canvas for your creativity and a reflection of the love you share around the table. And the best part? You can find a curated collection right in our online store!

Let's Talk Favorites!

  • The Keepsake Box: Need a place for all your minis? The Nora Fleming Keepsake Box is where form meets function, in style. It's a perfect gift for the seasoned collector or a fantastic start to a new tradition.

  • Dual Purpose Mini: As you're building your collection, you'll want a few pieces that can work for more than one occasion. The Stack of Presents Mini is a workhorse who can jump in for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and more.

  • Platters of Fun: The Nora Fleming Rectangler Platter in Pinstripes is my personal lifesaver for potlucks and picnics. It's durable, it's chic, and, like all things Nora, it's designed to hold any mini.

Join the Family

If you're already a Nora Fleming fan, we'd love to see how you style your minis! And if you're just starting, welcome to the club. Drop by our Gig Harbor location, and let's chat about your next family gathering. Or just pop over to our Nora Fleming collection online to see what catches your eye.

Remember, at Paper Luxe, it's all about celebrating the big days and the everydays with a touch of kindness and a lot of style. Nora Fleming just happens to fit that bill to a T.