Brands We Love: Sowing Ground

by Brianna Kangas

The very first time we introduced Sowing Ground into the shops, her beautiful letter writing sets and fun stickers flew off the shelves, and for good reason!  Her designs are inspired by the beauty of nature and her beloved cats and make for some unique and gorgeous designs. The creator and artist behind Sowing Ground is Jessica Chan, who labels herself a crazy cat and plant lady. Originally a Seattle-based artist, Jessica is dedicated to creating art that inspires and cultivates joy! 

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Not only is Jessica's art inspiring, but also the story behind how Sowing Ground came to be. Growing up, Jessica loved art and creating, but was taught that it was a hobby and could never be a career. Though her parents were completely supportive, she herself struggled with this thought and after college went another direction. During this time, she developed a chronic condition at work from sustaining several stress arm injuries. Jessica found it difficult to find work with her new condition and to pass the time whilst applying for jobs, she began to take up art again, and thus Sowing Ground was born.  

Jessica states that the choice of the name Sowing Ground is meant to serve "as a personal reminder that (her) life is an open field, full of potential and promise".  We are so excited to be able to share some of Jessica's work with all of you. Check out some of our faves!

Watercolor Leaves Letter Writing Set - $16.00

Potted Cactus Letter Writing Set - $16.00

Coloring Botanicals Letter Writing Set - $16.00

Jungle Leaves Letter Writing Set - $16.00

Cactus Print Letter Writing Set - $16.00

Jungle Cat Vinyl Sticker - $3.50

Jungle Dog Vinyl Sticker - $3.50

Whale Shark Vinyl Sticker - $3.50

Octopus Vinyl Sticker - $3.50

Flying Cat Vinyl Sticker - $3.50


 To see all things Sowing Ground in one location, click here! We love the unique and nature-inspired designs, and the empowering story behind how Sowing Ground came to be. We are so excited to share Jessica's art with all of you!


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