Brands We Love: Ruth Jackson

Feb 16, 2023by Kate Elling

Do you ever see a design so wildly creative you can't help but instantly be impressed at the artists ability to come up with such a clever idea? That's us, and pretty much everyone else, who sees the pencil shavings cards of Ruth Jackson. 

Jackson's found a niche in creating whimsical greeting cards with illustrations centered around colorful pencil shavings. Why pencil shavings, though?

The idea struck Jackson when she was sharpening her son’s pencils in preparation for a new school year. By the time all the pencils had been sharpened, she was left with a “sea of colorful and rather beautiful pencil shavings." Instead of tossing the shavings into the trash, Jackson saw potential in the little scraps and went to work creating the first card. 

Now, Jackson's work covers holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings, retirements, and just because cards. Jackson's cards have developed quite a following as they continue to charm both card givers and receivers. 

Find a handful of our favorite Ruth Jackson cards below! 

A drawing of a pug wearing a pink birthday hat made of a pink pencil shaving. Card reads, "happy birthday!"Birthday Pug Pencil Shavings Card

The card reads "thank you" written by an illustrated pencil with the tip of the pencil made of a blue pencil shaving.Thank You Pencil Shavings Card 

Card of a drawing of an apple with a leaf made of a bright green pencil shaving. Card reads, "best teacher."Best Teacher Apple Pencil Shavings Card

A drawing of a flower bouquet where the flowers are made of white pencil shavings. The card reads, "thinking of you."Sympathy Flowers Pencil Shavings Card

A drawing of a sloth hanging from a vine. The sloth wears a hat made of a purple pencil shaving. The card reads,"hang in there x"Hang in There Pencil Shavings Card

Card reads, "You Stole My" followed by a heart made of a red pencil shaving. Stole My Heart Pencil Shavings Card