Brands We Love: Rhodia

by Kate Elling
What’s not to love about these notebooks?
  • The blank, lined, grid or dotted paper is acid-free, pH neutral and ultra smooth;
  • choose from top or side stapled notebooks;
  • any writing or drawing instrument can be used with ease;
  • the back cover makes writing or sketching easy;
  • the front cover neatly folds back and out of the way;
  • the staples will never make your fingertips bleed (because they do not appear on the back cover);
  • and when you’ve finished your letter, journal, or sketch, you will be able to remove it without having fringes or dangling chads.
In 1932, two brothers created the company Verilhac Brothers, Paper-Maker in Lyon, France. They were a powerful duo as one studied engineering and the other knew how to market their product.

The Rhône River flows through Lyon and people born in this region are called “Rhodaniens," hence the name, “Rhodia.” The family legend is that the origin of the logo came at the kitchen table of Marie-Antonia, the wife of one of the brothers. There are two spruce trees that are not identical, but they are linked by a line to show that the brothers work together.

When the first Rhodia notebook was created in 1934, it was just a sideline for the company, but it has become its most famous product. Originally, the only cover available color was orange. However, the palette now includes taupe, anise green, turquoise, sapphire, purple, raspberry, poppy and more! In addition, the pads range in size from 2” x 3” (for those pocket notebook lovers) to 16.5” x 12.5” and 8 more sizes in between!


There are more options that include an expanding inner pocket, ribbons to use as a bookmark, elastic closures, pen loops, hardcovers and softcovers, sewn spines and wirebound ones. So many choices, so many lists to make, so many journals to write, so many sketches to draw! Come in or shop online and pick your favorite. You won’t be disappointed. Shop all Rhodia HERE.