Brands We Love: E. Frances

Apr 9, 2020by Madison Tice

Welcome to a weekly blog series titled: Brands We Love

Every Thursday (for as long as we can keep this up) we'll be highlighting and introducing you to some of our favorite small business vendors from around the country. (We are also doing a shorter version of this every Tuesday on our IG and FB stories, but the blog posts will be much more detailed!) We pride ourselves on carrying a majority of small business vendors and a good chunk are from right here in the PNW. Being a small business ourselves, it's important to support others working and hustling in the same arena. And when we love their products it's a win-win. :) 

We'll be starting this series focusing on our greeting card/stationery vendors because there has never been a more important time than now to send some snail mail. Receiving a card or note in the mail is such a simple and sweet gesture that gets overlooked. Send some love, encouragement, and just because cards right know to let loved ones know you're thinking about them even though you can't be with them. If you buy a card from us we'll even write in it (with a note you leave us), stick a stamp on it, and mail it for you! 

So with that said, we'd like to introduce you to E. Frances Paper. This small business is made up of three sisters with an all-female crew. Sisters Ali, Jenni, and Pippi named the company after their beloved grandmothers Elizabeth and Frances.

E. Frances started in 2012 in Ali's tiny home office and eventually the ladies worked their way up into a renovated bubblegum factory in Newport, Rhode Island. E. Frances is made up of three ingredients: "love, kindness and positivity". Their sweet and simple greeting cards with watercolor details are a shop favorite. 

Besides having gorgeous greetings cards and other products I'll showcase more below, E. Frances has shifted towards a major focus on sustainability practices. They are beginning to phase out all plastic packaging. The last few orders we've received from E. Frances has been completely wrapped with paper, not even a little bit of bubblewrap in sight. And their greeting cards no longer have a plastic sleeve, but a plastic-free clasp at the top of the card that does not leave any damage once taken off. (This is the first of it's kind in the shop so far, and we've had a positive response!) All cards are printed on FSC certified paper, all their products are produced in the USA, and any shipping material received at their offices is reused, repurposed, or recycled. 

All that is to say E. Frances is a pretty incredible business and we couldn't be happier to carry them. So now let's get into some of our favorites. We just got a fresh batch with some pretty perfect cards for sending right now like this one above. And this one below.

And a few more for right now

I Think You're Magical Card

Peace, Comfort, Strength Card

Let's Drink Wine Card

Beautiful detail on the back

Along with greeting cards, E. Frances has a product line called Little Notes, a top seller in the shop that never stay around for long. 85 little notecards come in a pack and can be used for anything and everything, "place cards, surprise notes, lunchbox love... It's like getting to use the good china every day - don't save them for special occasions, there are 85 for pete's sake!". Below are two NEW Little Notes, Cat's Meow and Unbeetable along with a favorite returner Rainbow


And notecard sets just came in! E. Frances flat note sets are simple and adorable. Below is the Dod Day's Flat Note's.

And you can never go wrong with a good notepad. These look so good sitting on a desk. Makes a great gift for anyone. Featured below is the Color Block Giant Notepad, Rainbow Notepad, and the Spoon & Whisk Notepad

We love E. Frances and we know you do too. They continue to be one of our best-selling lines. 

Send more snail mail and write with pretty paper. Two things we wholeheartedly believe in. In these uncertain times, it's important to stay connected with those closest to you. Since we can't see each other in person, we hope you'll consider sending a card or two to show loved ones how much they mean to you, how much you love and appreciate them. 

Below are some NEW cards from E. Frances for upcoming holidays!

Bathroom Peace Mother's Day Card

Flower Crown Mom Card

My Beautiful Mother Card

Elephant Genes Card

Hammock Dad Card

Click here to see our entire E. Frances collection! Cards and stationery for every occasion.