A Q&A with Brooke Goans

by Carli Ricker

Brooke Goans is a graphic designer based in Fox Island, WA. She's worked for more than 20 years creating wedding invitations, business branding, and more. In addition to her design work, she's one of our wonderful Paper Luxe Gig Harbor team members! This March, in partnership with The Kindship, she'll lead a three-week course on brush lettering. Keep reading to learn more about Brooke and how you can learn the art of brush lettering. 

Paper LuxeThe art of brush lettering is a very unique skill. How did you first get into brush lettering?

Brooke Goans: My mom took a traditional calligraphy course when I was young. Watching her practice every night exposed me to a creative life of fine pens, artsy paper and beautiful handwriting. 

PL: What aspect of brush lettering do you enjoy most?

BG: The simple fact that what I'm writing is authentic and 100% ORIGINAL. #notafont

PL: Is there one thing you particularly love to use your brush lettering skills for? 

BGMy absolute favorite thing to use my brush lettering skills on is addressing an envelope (snail mail). It's a small canvas that's always well received.

The phrase "Good Things Take Time" written in brush lettering.
A sample of Goans' brush lettering skills! 

PL: This March, you'll be leading one of The Kindship Studio's first classes! If you had to sum up the goal of your brush lettering course, what would it be?

BG: My goal is to share my love and knowledge of brush pens and lettering with fellow enthusiasts in my community.

PL: What can participants expect if they attend this course?

BG: Participants can expect a thorough introduction to brush lettering supplies, traditional calligraphy terms, extensive practice of letters and words, plus a plethora of tips and tricks to hand letter a frameable work of art.

PL: After the course's three weeks are done, what do you hope participants leave your class with?

BG: The knowledge, confidence AND desire to use their newly learned brush lettering skills.

PL: Last question: What's your elevator pitch for why people should sign up for your brush lettering course?

BG: Good things take time. Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing and beautiful writing takes time. I would love to share my creative lettering experience with you knowing you will walk away, after a three-week course, able to put your lettering skills into action.

PL: Thanks for answering our questions, Brooke! For more information on Brooke's work you can find her website here, and to register for the brush lettering course, click here!