18 of Our Favorite Self-Care Gifts 2021

by Brianna Kangas

 When you think of the term "self-care" do images of bubble baths, face masks, and glasses of wine still come to mind? Yeah, us too. Though these remain some great items for relaxing, self-care has evolved over the years. That's why we've compiled a list of our favorite self-care items (for yourself or others!) that yes, encompasses some of the classics (think candles, bath salts, etc.) but that also provides a more rounded approach of what self-care can look like.

 Soak and Revive Bath Salts in Glass Tube - $12.00

Choose between Dead Sea Salt + Anise, Himalayan Pink Salt + Lavender buds, and Epsom Salt + Chamomile flowers for a luxurious and rejuvenating soak.

Made locally in Seattle, this lavender mist is the perfect self-care essential! Spray this on your pillow just before going to bed to help prepare for a restful night of sleep or spray on your face for a refreshing boost.
Tea Drops are not only super aesthetically pleasing, but they're also super fun! Drop the little heart-shaped tea drop into hot water, stir, and enjoy your delicious and relaxing cup of peppermint tea.  Buy them individually or in a canister (10 drops)!
With many of us still working from home, these blue light blocking glasses will one-up your self-care game by protecting from eye strain and help you sleep better at night, plus they're super cute! To see other styles and colors, click here!
Maybe you need to take a little break from your screens. Instead of spending a night watching one of your favorite sitcoms, tackle a puzzle inspired by them instead!  Try this one with all your favorite 90s icons! For all puzzles, click here!
If puzzles aren't your jam, try out an adult coloring book! Celebrate the beauty of nature and de-stress at the same time with one of our favorites!
Sometimes tackling our to-do list can be a really healthy form of self-care.  Use this guided list to get all your thoughts down on paper and sort out your top priorities for the day!
Candles are on of those classic self-care items and you can't go wrong with this unique take on a prayer candle with it's reminder to breath in, breathe out.
Getting your thoughts out of you mind and onto paper can be a great exercise in self-care. Somedays it's easy for the words to flow, other days it's difficult to know what to write: enter guided journals. These types of journals are great for inspiring creativity and often can keep us more accountable, this is one of our favorites!
Anxiety Pen Set - $10.00
Sometimes we've got to face our problems with a little humor and these pens fit the bill...and are a way too relatable!
If self-care were a scent, we're pretty sure it'd be this candle.  Not only is the lavender scent exquisite, these candles are hand poured in the PNW and are phthalate and paraffin free, giving you complete peace of mind.
Large Heat Wrap - $36.00
Sometimes a long day just calls for a heat wrap.  Whether your body is achy and tired, or you just need to be wrapped in warmth, this heat wrap will do the trick. It's unscented and hand-filled with flax-seed and can even be used hot or cold!
Incorporate this journal into your night-time routine to pause and reflect on the day. From documenting your water intake and daily movement, to noting feelings that arise throughout the day this journal makes practicing mindfulness easy.
Exfoliate and brighten with this face mask made of rosehips and powdered rose petals!  This is a classic self-care item, and sure to leave you feeling refreshed!
This all-encompassing guide teaches you how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life, how to alleviate the symptoms of depression, anxiety, etc. and offers meditation methods to try! Perfect for newbies to a mindfulness practice to to more advanced practitioners.
Who doesn't love a good cup of hot chocolate?! This one's not only good for the soul, but also good for the gut made with all organic ingredients plus it's vegan!
Stick this sticker where you'll see it as a great reminder that you are worthy, always.
This simple and elegant art print is a great reminder that no matter what events shape our life, good or bad, we are still full of beauty and are deserving of love.  


So whether you've got this self-care thing down to a science, you're a newbie to the whole mindfulness thing, or are on the look-out for the perfect thoughtful gift, these items all make for great tools to aid in your self-care journey, encourage mindfulness, and even spark joy!