NEW Brand Alert : Written Word Calligraphy & Design

by Brianna Kangas

What's not to love about calligraphy?? It's a beautiful form of expression combing writing and art all in one beautiful medium. We love how today calligraphy is so accessible to anyone wanting to learn this beautiful practice and that's why we love our new brand Written Word Calligraphy & Design!

Written Word is a brand that provides not only the tools needed for calligraphy, but also a book (Creative Calligraphy Made Easy) and practice sheets that help to teach and improve your calligraphy skills! Plus, every single tool and set are all crafted and packaged beautifully making them the perfect gift from the beginner calligrapher to the expert looking to expand their collection.

Karla Lim is the designer behind the brand Written Word and the author of Creative Calligraphy Made Easy.  She lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and son and loves to use calligraphy as a medium to express herself and create beauty in simplicity.  Read on to see some of the beautiful Calligraphy tools and sets we have in the shop!

Creative Calligraphy Starter Kit - $110.00

This kit is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to journey into the world of calligraphy! Made to be accessible for both right and left-handed writers and beautifully packaged in a luxury box with crinkle, this kit includes:

  •  Dual-Purpose Calligraphy Pen
  • 2 Nibs (Nikko G and Brause Steno Blue Pumpkin Nib)
  • 2 Oz Moon Palace Ink
  • 2 Washi Tapes
  • 30 Pages of Worksheets - Practice Drills, Lowercase, Uppercase, Connecting and Numbers Worksheets
  • 2 Sticker Decals
  • 1 Wooden Dinky Dip Holder

Mini Calligraphy Starter Kit - $64.00 

If you're looking for a more minimal kit for gifting (or for yourself!), this mini calligraphy starter kit fits the bill and in it's simple, yet beautiful packaging! This kit includes:

  • 1 Dual Purpose Calligraphy Pen
  • 1 Brass Nib Holder Container and Keyring
  • 2 Nibs (Nikko G and Brause Steno)
  • 1 oz Moon Palace Ink Bottle
  • 1 Starter Kit Guide Insert with Instructions

Marble Oblique Penholder - $98.00

These beautifully hand-crafted marble oblique penholders are perfect for the more seasoned calligrapher.  These penholders are made to hold pointed nibs and were designed to encourage a good grip and to be comfortable to write with over a long period of time. They come in three colors: white quartz, rose quartz, and black quartz and are suitable for both right and left-handed writers. 

Dual Purpose Calligraphy Pen - $18.00

This calligraphy pen is made from beautiful solid maple and has a removable brass flange so you can easily convert it to a straight pen!

Uppercase Alphabet Practice Pad - $35.00

This would be perfect to gift with one of the above pen or penholders to help you really hone your calligraphy technique!  This practice pad contains 65 pages of practice sheets featuring six modern calligraphy styles plus how-to's and tips! Also comes in a lowercase practice pad!


Creative Calligraphy Made Easy - $29.99

This calligraphy book was made with beginners in mind and has everything from how-to's and step-by-steps plus writable worksheets for practicing!  In the book you can also find inspiration for 30 beautiful projects like hand-lettering for the home and for gift-giving!

We love how Written Word has created both beautifully-crafted and functional tools and sets to help you succeed wherever you are on your calligraphy journey.  To see all of the Written Word products we have in the store click here!