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FREE Shipping Over $100 | $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping | Local Pickup Available!

Zebra Mildliner Desktop Collection Assorted 50 Pack

$ 129.00

The Zebra Mildliner Desktop Collection contains the complete collections of Mildliner Double Ended Highlighters and Double Ended Brush Pens. That's 50 creative markers in 25 colors, plus a free desktop stand! Each Mildliner marker is conveniently double-ended, allowing for a wide variety of line marks and creative applications. The Brush Pens feature a brush tip and a super fine bullet tip, while the Highlighters feature a broad chisel tip and a fine bullet tip. They're perfect for writing, highlighting, sketching, hand-lettering, coloring, bullet journaling, and artwork. The pigmented, softly colored Mildliner ink is translucent, which is excellent for layering. It's also acid-free and water-resistant, making it ideal for layering with water media.

This art marker set comes in a five-slot desk stand that neatly organizes your pen collection. It contains four Mildliner palettes–Fluorescent, Cool & Refined, Warm, Refresh, and Friendly–in both the Highlighter and Brush Pen versions. Colors include Mild Apricot, Mild Blue, Mild Blue Green, Mild Brown, Mild Citrus Green, Mild Coral Pink, Mild Cyan, Mild Dark Blue, Mild Dark Gray, Mild Fuchsia, Mild Gold, Mild Gray, Mild Green, Mild Lavender, Mild Lemon Yellow, Mild Magenta, Mild Marigold, Mild Orange, Mild Pink, Mild Red, Mild Smoke Blue, Mild Summer Green, Mild Vermillion, Mild Violet, and Mild Yellow.