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NOW OPEN! Monday through Saturday, 11am - 6pm // Curbside Pickup & Shipping Available
NOW OPEN! Monday through Saturday, 11am - 6pm // Curbside Pickup & Shipping Available

Written by Hand: Techniques and Tips to Make Your Everyday Handwriting More Beautiful

$ 16.99
There's no getting around the fact that typing on keyboards and screens is the new norm, but the simple, meditative art of writing words by hand can't be forgotten! Written by Hand is a guide designed to give you a new appreciation of writing. Everyday notes and lists don't have to be mundane scribbles; with a little practice, you can make them works of art! 

Writing longhand isn't a chore when you can turn your notes into mini works of art. Grocery lists, to-do lists, sticky notes, make them look more like art rather than work with Written by Hand. Whether you're an aficionado or mildly interested in creative journaling, this book can really take your text embellishments and your general font catalog to the next level. Every art journal needs captions, and with Written by Hand, you can make how you write as beautiful as what you write. A practical workbook with a creative element, fall in love with the art of your own handwriting and know with certainty that typed text has none of the charm and heart expressed in something beautifully scribed. 

Written By Hand walks you through the habits and skills needed to turn everyday scrawls into miniature pieces of art that are both wonderful to look at and fun to "draw". With walk-throughs of various lettering styles, examinations of personal writing habits, interesting facts on handwriting and calligraphy, and plenty of practice pages to use in your own hand-lettering practice, Written by Hand is an immersive guide to the written word.