Sandalwood Mala Meditation Bracelet with Quartz Crystal - 8mm

Intertwined by Bella

$ 40.00
$ 40.00

Quartz Crystal Healing Properties: Symbol of balance and purity, helps meditation. Has a very strong and shiny aura recommended for harmonization of places. It’s the stone of wisdom, clairvoyance and spirituality. Aids emotional stability, speeds healing and bring goodness on every level. 

Quartz is known as a "master healer." It has the ability to amplify the effects of other stones and crystals, as well as thoughts and energy. Quartz is a beautiful, high vibrational stone and can aid in spiritual growth and personal work. It transforms negativity, and enhances whatever energy or intent is programmed into it. 

Each meditation bracelet is hand crafted using naturally fragrant + genuine sandalwood (Santalum album) and solid .935 argentium silver. Each crystal or gemstone is mindfully placed and intended to deepen your meditation practice.

• This bracelet features 8mm sandalwood beads with argentium silver accents, accompanied by one unique double terminated quartz crystal on a sturdy stretch cord.

• It is finished with an argentium silver tag hand stamped with the seed of life sacred geometry symbol.

• All of the materials that Bella works with are hand selected and unique. The stones will vary slightly from the photo shown. Please allow for the subtle and beautiful differences that make your bracelet so special!

• This listing includes ONE sandalwood bracelet.

Sandalwood is a naturally fragrant, high vibrational wood. It is said to be protective, promote spiritual awareness, and cleanse negativity. Sandalwood essential oil is highly sought after for its warm, soothing aroma, as well as its healing properties. Many have tried to create substitutes that imitate the look of sandalwood, but none compare to the beauty and energetic power of true, genuine sandalwood. This sandalwood is completely natural, and is sourced from a company in India that employs women. 

The argentium silver used is reclaimed and made in the USA. Argentium has an even higher silver content than sterling (.935 vs .925 in sterling) and is made with germanium, which gives it a brighter white shine than traditional sterling silver and also makes it tarnish resistant.

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