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Oh Happy Plant Bath

$ 29.99

This product is magic in a bottle. Not only will it clean your leaves, it just so happens to eliminate pests while it cleans! Now, we have to be clear that this is a foliage cleaner and NOT a pesticide. That said, this stuff is the reason professionals aren’t afraid of bugs on their plants!

What is it?

Oh Happy Plant Bath is a silicone-based foliage cleaner. It is nontoxic to humans and pets when used as directed.

What does it do?

It cleans your leaves! It will remove dust, dirt, grease, and hard water deposits from leaves. It even repels dust! And while Oh Happy Plant Bath is NOT a pesticide and is not sold as such, it does eliminate mites, scale, mealybug, thrips, aphids, and other pests.

How should I use it?

Simply measure and mix with water in your own spray bottle, then spray on the plant until it runs off. Spray front and back of leaves, as well as trunk and soil surface. Then just give the plant a gentle shake to knock excess off and let it dry!

What comes in the box?

This product is a 4oz bottle of concentrated formula – simply mix in your own spray bottle. One bottle of concentrate makes 4 to 8 quarts of product, depending on how much shine you want on the leaves. It’s packaged in a super cute blue glass bottle, which you can re-use for propagating plant cuttings!

What else do I need to know?

Do not mix at a rate stronger than 1oz/quart of water, as this may burn your plant. As a precaution, avoid product pooling up on leaves. Product is silicone-based and very slippery on hard surfaces, so be sure to use a washable drop cloth or wash the floor or tub when you’re finished. It’s also a great idea to wear gloves when using this product, as it can have a drying effect on skin.

And we know that you already know this, but: Keep out of reach of children. Do not drink product or get it in your eyes. Be sure to read all warnings on product label.