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FREE Shipping Over $100 | $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping | Local Pickup Available!

Memoterior for Fountain Pen

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$ 10.00

"For Fountain Pen" features papers of varying colors and tooth best suited for fountain pens. Each notepad contains 20 sheets of these 5 kinds of paper:

OK fools Foolscap- Crisp and nostalgic old-fashioned writing feel, ideal for any stationery with quick ink absorption, no bleeding, and no show-through. With a watermark mark of "ORIGINAL SUPER FINE".

Bank Paper- Developed as a bank book for Mitsubishi Bank. It has a sharp texture and a smooth writing feel that sticks to the tip of the pen. With watermark mark of "THREE DIAMONDS".

Tomoe River- Tomoe River was developed to make the bulky notebook thin and light. Even if it is thin for notebooks, there is little strikethrough and bleeding. The flat surface creates sharp letters and it is tough enough that it does not break with strong writing pressure.

Spicabond- A domestic paper named “Spicabond” named from the first-class star Spica in Virgo. Enjoy the original texture and softness of paper that is mixed with cotton. Intake of ink is outstanding and it produces a deep character. With a watermark mark of "SPICA BOND 25% COTTON".

Eastly CoC- You can intuitively enjoy the touch of the nib with a smooth look. It is good with ink due to its good absorbency, and the paper color finished with a pale cream also gives the ink depth.

100 pages per notepad, measures 3.2" x 5"