Italian Paper Scissors

Studio Carta

$ 44.00
In your kitchen, you would never use just one knife for all your cutting and chopping needs. By the same token, using the same scissors for all your cutting projects leads to dull edges and sub par results, not to mention strained hands! That is why the best scissors are designed for specific cutting projects.

To this end, Studio Carta is pleased to introduce our Paper Scissors, which are engineered specifically for cutting paper.

Crafted in Italy, these scissors trace their design back to the 1950’s when flatted handled scissors were first made. Each pair features an elegant gold plated handle paired with durable carbon steel blades. Precision sharpening ensures that you can count on our Paper Scissors to deliver a perfect cut for years to come.

Size: height 7 1/4” = 19 cm

Made in Italy, packaged and distributed in the USA.

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