Introduction to Paper Flowers: Irises -3/10/19

Paper Luxe

$ 55.00
$ 55.00

Sunday, March 10, 2019
$55 per person

In the world of paper flowers, irises have been one of the most elusive to recreate. Sarah Yakawonis has torn apart dozens of real irises in an attempt to reverse engineer them in paper, and after a few failed attempts and some close study she’s cracked them. In this class, she’ll share their secrets with you! This class you’ll learn new techniques perfect for beginners and experts alike. In this class, you’ll get all the supplies you’ll need, live demonstrations and one-on-one helpful tips! So while we’re waiting for the real things to emerge from the garden, come enjoy an afternoon making paper flowers.


Sarah Yakawonis has a passion for paper art and a desire to share her knowledge in person, in kits and online. She Graduated from the Maine College of Art in 2009 with a BFA in design. During a trip to NYC that year she visited the Museum of Design and saw a show called, Slash: Paper Under The Knife. That sparked a love of paper art that lives to this day! In 2012 she became enamored with paper flowers, since that time she has been obsessed with creating the most accurate paper flowers. Experimenting with innumerable combinations of papers and techniques, she takes all of that expertise and puts it into kits so people can skip all of the hard stuff and enjoy an afternoon making truly amazing paper flowers. She loves sharing that special joy that comes from making something beautiful with as many people as she can!

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