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Cascade Tropicals Plants 3" Grafted Cactus
Cascade Tropicals Plants 3" Grafted Cactus
Cascade Tropicals Plants 3" Grafted Cactus

Grafted Cactus Assorted

Grafted Cactus Assorted

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Grafted Cactus Assorted is a curated collection of cacti that have undergone a grafting process, resulting in captivating combinations of different cactus species. Each plant features a colorful and eye-catching top, known as the scion, grafted onto a sturdy rootstock. This technique allows for the creation of extraordinary cactus hybrids that showcase a variety of shapes, colors, and textures.

These grafted cacti are known for their striking appearances and make fantastic statement pieces in any indoor or outdoor setting. The assortment may include cacti with unique shapes, vibrant colors, or interesting patterns. From crest-shaped tops to variegated or monstrose varieties, each plant is a true work of art.

Embrace the beauty and uniqueness of Grafted Cactus Assorted and enjoy the intriguing combinations and stunning forms they offer. These grafted cacti are sure to become conversation starters and focal points in your plant collection or garden. Just remember to provide them with the appropriate light and water requirements, and let their extraordinary features add a touch of fascination to your space.

Botanical Name: Grafted 'Assorted Cactus'

LIGHT: Provide partial sunlight. Most grafted cacti do best in indirect light

WATER: Avoid overwatering. Cacti are desert plants and do not require as much water as many other plants.

TOXICITY: Non-toxic to pets. Keep out of reach of curious pets to avoid accidental injury.

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