gentle & fierce necklace - the and space collection

Soul Mantras

$ 28.00

The And Space Collection honors the place where we navigate the beauty and the grit of life. It's the place where we hold the joy in one hand and the grief in the other, where we honor the messiness and choose to be brave. It's where we experience our daily routine while recognizing the longings inside us. 

We're all in The And Space in one form or another, and my hope is that this collection will become a companion for you as you remember you're not alone in all that life holds.

Gentle and Fierce reminds us that we can stand tall in our fierceness and still be gentle as we move through the world.


This DOUBLE-SIDED pendant is hand stamped with the word gentle on one side and fierce on the other. 

The circle pendant is 3/4" across. It comes on an 18 inch brass plated chain.

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