Dino Alphabet Poster

Fifty Five Hi's

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$ 30.00
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Sea creatures, fossils, dinosaurs! Brush up on your ABC's with this jam packed poster featuring 26 prehistoric marvels. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with a custom illustration and interesting fun fact you can use to impress your friends.

The Dinosaurs also feature a pronunciation guide for their name so you don't sound silly explaining all your new Jurassic trivia knowledge (cause some of these names can get pretty ridiculous). For instance, X is for Xenotarsosaurus [zee-noh-TAR-suh-SAWR-us] and it literally means "lizard with a strange ankle". He drew the short straw on the name front.

55 Hi's got their start screenprinting posters and have come to appreciate the craft and hard work that goes into making a poster by hand. From mixing the ink to pulling the squegee, they love keeping an element of hand made printing in their store. This poster is an example of this craft and comes as a Limited Edition screenprint in a run of 500. Every 18x24 poster is hand numbered in the bottom right hand corner.

Illustrated in collaboration with Brad Woodard. Prehistoric fun facts written by Jordan Wittlich.

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