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Cactus Plant Cascade Tropicals

Cactus Assorted

Cactus Assorted

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Each cactus has its own unique shape, size, and color. These low-maintenance pants add a touch of natural beauty and desert charm to any space. 2-6" cacti are a great size for a houseplant. They are small enough to fit on a shelf or table, but large enough to make a statement. The perfect plant addition for a busy individual or someone new to plant care. 

Botanical Name: Cactus

LIGHT: They thrive in full sun but handle partial shade as well.

WATER: Let dry out completely, then soak throughly. Make sure all water drains out to avoid root rot.

TOXICITY: Non-toxic to pets. Best to keep away from pets and children to prevent accidental injuries from contact with the spines.

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