Brass Money Clip

Owen and Fred

$ 15.00
$ 15.00
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Made in the United States, this brass money clip is hand-polished, cleaned and lacquered to maintain a beautiful, matte surface. It's gorgeous. The perfect gift, it comes in a presentation box. 

It is made of 22 gauge brass (85% copper, 15% zinc) from a Chicago mill, where it is melted down and turned into a brass coil about one inch wide. The coil is then stamped into a money clip with a 16 ton hydraulic press, pierced to create the distinctive finger on the inside of the clip, bent in half to create the "clip" and then flattened shut. They then take an ultra fine grit of sandpaper to the clip to bevel the edges. 

A simple device to keep your money and cards safe. Will not tarnish.

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