Baby - Good Luck Minis

Baby - Good Luck Minis

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These adorable babies represent children at about six months old, just getting strong enough to begin crawling. They wear cute, colored diapers and have curious facial expressions fitting for infants.

  • History: The number of babies born globally in a year will always be a guestimate, but the best guess is around 350,000 babies born each day worldwide. That works out to more than 4 new babies every second! The world population grew very slowly for the majority of human history, passing 1 billion around 1800, but the Industrial Revolution changed everything. Immunizations, better medicines, better hospitals, and more food production were just some of the results, and this led to a more stable, growing population.
  • Scientific Name: Homo sapiens
  • Characteristics: Complete with blue and pink diapers, these little Babies are ready for play time. Use them as decorations for a baby shower or create a fun game with them.
  • Size: These fair-skinned, light-haired babies wear pink or blue diapers and are a little shorter than a paperclip, around an inch long.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free
  • Ages 3+

  • Choose from Pink or Blue


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