Advanced Watercolor Florals Workshop - 4/15/18

Paper Luxe

$ 55.00
$ 55.00
Have you taken a previous Watercolor Florals class, or have prior painting experience, and want to learn more?* Join us as we delve further into the world of flower painting with instructor Brianna Showalter. This class will have an emphasis of painting a successful finished flower portrait based on your interest and style. We will cover more advanced techniques like layout and blocking, pigment mixing and palette formation, shading and highlighting, focal points, layering and detail work.

We'll supply paper and water, you bring your paints, palettes and brush from your previous class.

Light sips and snacks will be served! 

* students need to have prior experience with brush handling, pigment mixing, moisture usage and basic mark and shape formation, as taught in a beginning class


About Brianna Showalter

Brianna is a local Tacoma artist who earned a BFA in 2-Dimensional Design from Pacific Luthern University. She specializes in creating inspired watercolors and hand-lettering to add color and encouragement to life. Brianna is also a featured artist for Illustrated Faith. 

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