Crafting Copperplate Workshop

Crafting Copperplate Workshop

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Welcome to our introduction to calligraphy workshop, Crafting Copperplate.  We'll embark on a journey into the world of beautiful writing and artistic expression. Calligraphy is not just a skill; it's an art form that has been cherished for centuries across cultures. In this workshop, we will immerse ourselves in the art of copperplate calligraphy, exploring its history, techniques, and creative possibilities.

Topics we'll cover:

  • The different calligraphy styles, with a focus on Copperplate
  • Tools of the trade, including pens, nibs, inks, and other tools
  • Understand the role of ink and paper in calligraphy
  • How to use a dip pen with ink
  • Overview and practice of the basic strokes
  • Deep dive into lowercase letters

What you'll take home:

A full Magnolia Marks calligraphy kit that includes:

  • 8x10x2 inch gift box
  • 3 nibs
  • 1 penholder
  • 2 dinky dips
  • Ready-to-mix walnut crystals
  • Paper guidelines
  • Guidebook
  • Exemplar

By the end of this workshop, you will have gained a solid foundation in the art of calligraphy and developed the skills to create beautiful lettering. Whether you're interested in using calligraphy for personal projects, invitations, or artistic expression, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to continue your calligraphic journey. We look forward to sharing this creative experience with you!

***TICKETS ARE TRANSFERABLE BUT NON-REFUNDABLE. If you cannot make it for any reason, unfortunately due to the cost of materials and staffing, we cannot offer refunds. But you are welcome to give/sell your ticket to someone else.***

About your instructor, Chelsea Wagner:

I was the kind of kid who was into fancy words. I didn't just like them, I loved seeking out new words and trying to implement them. There was never enough vocabulary to sate my interest. I moved to Seattle in 2017 with my husband and two dogs and turned to the art world to meet new friends. On a whim, I enrolled in a copperplate calligraphy class. Words suddenly were not just stocked full of charm and meaning, they could elicit new levels of emotion when written in different styles PLUS they looked fancy! I was (and still am) hooked!

Since beginning on the penmanship path, I have become a member of the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting. I’ve been fortunate to study under some of the world's most celebrated calligraphers, such as Chantelle Hoffmann, Suzanne Cunningham, Kestrel Montes, Master Penman Pat Blair, Heather Held, Master Penman Harvest Crittenden, and more. They continue to encourage my growth into new scripts and ways of designing.

My personal design style can be characterized by my love of bold, bright colors (a shocker!) and my respect for historical penmanship. I often take inspiration from historical or archived calligraphy to further the craft, then meld it with modern phrasing and pops of color. Some of my favorite archives to go through include the sign painters, medieval manuscripts, and ornamental work from the Victorian era.

Chelsea of Magnolia Marks


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