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Epipremnum pinnatum - Skeleton Key

Epipremnum pinnatum - Skeleton Key

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Pothos can thrive in many light conditions. Ideally it grows best in medium- and high-light spots. (This kind of light creates a medium to strong shadow throughout much of the day). Too bright of light will turn the leaves greener than blue. Our Plant Hunter suggests growing it within 3 to 4 feet of an unobstructed east- or west-facing window where it will get at least 60 footcandles of light. 


pothos, like other pothos varieties, prefers to dry out a bit (but not completely) between waterings. Never leave the potting mix should wet or saturated for an extended time. Overwatering causes stress in pothos, which results in the foliage going yellow prematurely. Check the soil moisture before you water.

pothos tolerates the average humidity levels found in most homes or offices. For optimal growth and performance, it's helpful to boost the amount of moisture in the air in particularly arid conditions. 

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