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Cascade Tropicals Plant Aloinopsis schooneesii - Living Stone
Cascade Tropicals Plant Aloinopsis schooneesii - Living Stone

Aloinopsis schooneesii - Living Stone

Aloinopsis schooneesii - Living Stone

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Aloinopsis schooneesii, commonly known as Living Stone, is a fascinating succulent plant that belongs to the Aizoaceae family. Native to the arid regions of South Africa, this plant is well-adapted to survive in harsh desert environments and is referred to as Living Stone due to its ability to mimic the appearance of small stone or pebble. 

Living Stone plants are small and compact, growing in thick clumps with fleshy leaves. These leaves are typically triangular or elongated and have a grayish-green color. The surface of the leaves is covered in tiny, raised bumps resembling the texture of stone. In ample conditions, this plant may produce daisy-like flowers with vibrant colors such as yellow, pink, or white. 

Botanical Name: Aloinopsis schooneesii 'Living Stone'

LIGHT: This plant thrives in bright, indirect sunlight with a well-draining soil.

WATER: Water when the soil dries out in the summer and only infrequently during the winter. Their soil should always be allowed to dry out entirely before watering thoroughly.

TOXICITY: Non-toxic to pets.

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