Hack Your Journal


$ 14.95
$ 14.95
Stay organized, write down important information, and compile your to-do lists with these eye-catching and practical customizable page layouts and spreads!
If you’re looking for clever ways to spruce up your diary or build a planner from scratch, Hack Your Journalteaches you how to design fun and functional pages that meet your needs. Every section showcases a set of layout concepts—for weekly planning, habit trackers, daily reflections, and more—but with unique variations and distinct artistic styles. Some require only a pen and paper; others feature elaborate ideas with ample opportunities to add color and embellishments. You’ll find step-by-step instructions to recreate these pages on your own, while sidebars provide quick tutorials on useful techniques to decorate and personalize each one. If you keep a planner, organizer, or diary, or want to begin, you’ll refer to this inspirational book again and again!

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